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6 Holiday Activities to do in Dubai

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Do you intend to travel to Dubai in the near future? Then do not miss the many exciting activities that are there. Here are six holiday activities you should try while visiting Dubai: 1. Plunge from the plane. Whether you’re doing it against fear or loving adrenaline, skydiving in Dubai will be an unforgettable experience. You can see amazing views… Read more »

4 Popular Travel Destinations of Western Australia

The roads to Western Australia do not stop just until the city of Perth alone. Try a road trip to other destinations, you will find another charm from Western Australia away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are four destinations for a road trip in Western Australia: 1. Gibb River Road The view of red rocks, canyons… Read more »

6 Outdoor Cinemas in Melbourne

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There is always a way to enjoy the city of Melbourne and its surroundings. One of them is by watching a movie show. Well, to get a different sensation, you can try watching it in outdoor cinema or outdoor. When are you going to watch a movie while you enjoy the beauty of the panorama of cities in the state… Read more »

Best Way to Install Car Roof Racks

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Best Way to Install Car Roof Racks

Car roof racks is often used for loading extra items on the car for special purpose, like for camping, picnic, going to the long distance place, and so on. However, it shouldn’t be installed recklessly, since it is related to the safety matter of the car owner and other car driver on the street. There are some important aspects that… Read more »

3 Top Thailand Tourist Destinations

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For those of you who want to vacation abroad without the need for visa, Thailand is one of the most suitable countries to visit.We recommended three cities for a holiday for his Indonesian fans. Interested in a vacation to the country of origin of this handsome actor? 1. Bangkok The first city I recommend for a vacation for Indonesian fans… Read more »